What to Do If Your Nonprofit is Impacted by Coronavirus

For nonprofits, coronavirus has a severe side effect. It completely destroyed the plans for the spring events season.

A lot of nonprofits are still in planning mode or have canceled their plans. If you are thinking about canceling your event. There are a couple of ideas that can help you. If you want your fundraising to stay on track, here are a couple of things you should do:

Appreciate More Frequently

This isn’t the time to leave your ticket buyers and all your donors. If you create new ways to engage and communicate with your supporters, you can easily plan for the long term. If you want to recognize volunteers, key prospects, and donors, you can utilize phone calls, text updates, hand-written thank you notes, and video acknowledgments from board members.

Shareable Content

You can produce content to share fundraising and event highlights on text, video, and social media. You have to be visual when it comes to virtual events. There are a couple of online platforms out there that provides every single tool you require to engage your event attendees and your donors while the event is happening.

Flash Fundraiser

Talk to your network that you might have to already have canceled your special event. If you want to create a “flash” fundraiser, you need to add wording. This usually lasts 1 or more days. Make sure that the end time or date is the time your event was supposed to end. To promote extra donations and celebrate a spirit of generosity, you can incorporate a matched gift if possible. Also, to grow your recurring revenue, promote subscription giving.

Virtual Auction

If you want to livestream your auction, the best platform to utilize is Facebook Live. Also, you can invest in auction software using online bidding if you’ve got a couple of auction items. This will save a couple of the live FB auction.

Share a Dinner

You can look for volunteers and let them wear a black-tie. Then, ask them to deliver dinner to local ticket holders who can’t attend the event. This is particularly considerate for seniors who might be quarantined or scared of the virus. During the evening, you can send videos a couple of times to make them feel like they’re part of the event.

It is vital to generate a proactive narrative when you have to cancel an event for which you have already sold tickets and secured sponsorship. You need to remind the attendees and sponsors about the significant effect the funds raised will have on the individuals you serve. You shouldn’t be shy and let your attendees and sponsors understand how significant their gift is.

The coronavirus is anticipated to last for a lot of months. Also, it is expected that there’s a possible resurgence in the fall. Also, there’s a possibility of a recession. During this period, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to fundraising. You will be better off if you know how to plan more.

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