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What to Do If Your Nonprofit is Impacted by Coronavirus

For nonprofits, coronavirus has a severe side effect. It completely destroyed the plans for the spring events season.

A lot of nonprofits are still in planning mode or have canceled their plans. If you are thinking about canceling your event. There are a couple of ideas that can help you. If you want your fundraising to stay on track, here are a couple of things you should do:

Appreciate More Frequently

This isn’t the time to leave your ticket buyers and all your donors. If you create new ways to engage and communicate with your supporters, you can easily plan for the long term. If you want to recognize volunteers, key prospects, and donors, you can utilize phone calls, text updates, hand-written thank you notes, and video acknowledgments from board members.

Shareable Content

You can produce content to share fundraising and event highlights on text, video, and social media. You have to be visual when it comes to virtual events. There are a couple of online platforms out there that provides every single tool you require to engage your event attendees and your donors while the event is happening.

Flash Fundraiser

Talk to your network that you might have to already have canceled your special event. If you want to create a “flash” fundraiser, you need to add wording. This usually lasts 1 or more days. Make sure that the end time or date is the time your event was supposed to end. To promote extra donations and celebrate a spirit of generosity, you can incorporate a matched gift if possible. Also, to grow your recurring revenue, promote subscription giving.

Virtual Auction

If you want to livestream your auction, the best platform to utilize is Facebook Live. Also, you can invest in auction software using online bidding if you’ve got a couple of auction items. This will save a couple of the live FB auction.

Share a Dinner

You can look for volunteers and let them wear a black-tie. Then, ask them to deliver dinner to local ticket holders who can’t attend the event. This is particularly considerate for seniors who might be quarantined or scared of the virus. During the evening, you can send videos a couple of times to make them feel like they’re part of the event.

It is vital to generate a proactive narrative when you have to cancel an event for which you have already sold tickets and secured sponsorship. You need to remind the attendees and sponsors about the significant effect the funds raised will have on the individuals you serve. You shouldn’t be shy and let your attendees and sponsors understand how significant their gift is.

The coronavirus is anticipated to last for a lot of months. Also, it is expected that there’s a possible resurgence in the fall. Also, there’s a possibility of a recession. During this period, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to fundraising. You will be better off if you know how to plan more.

Activities You Can Do on Your Lawn During Quarantine

Most activities are shut down: companies are forced to take a rest; families are told to stay in their houses – everyone is encouraged to distance and isolate themselves. While introverted individuals find this as a normal daily routine, extroverts find this restrictive and appalling as it means ceasing to do what they think and believe make them happy and mentally active.

Well, all potential problems have potential solutions if you just keep a proactive approach to everything, and your home is not a prison, to begin with; there are hundreds of activities you can enjoy inside four walls. And what makes it great is that when you have a lawn or a garden, the more activities you can enjoy.

A lawn care service provides an excellent landscape for different activities you can do under quarantine. In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to spend your quarantine more productively.


Your garden is a perfect place to do some work-out as it provides fresh air and good sunlight that boosts up your energy and enthusiasm in doing your workout routine. You can also opt for a gardening activity as a workout substitute as it also effectively burns some calories and cholesterol. Stop opening your fridge looking for food while spending your entire 24 hours a day at rest on your couch or bed.

Play with family or pets

If you feel unmotivated to do the workout, you can still burn some calories while having fun. Play with your siblings or family together with your pets on your lawn. You can set up a cornhole tournament, play frisbee, play jumping rope, or any other games that you can play outside. Playing also boosts your mood and provides a physical workout.

Prepare your garden for spring

Spring is coming, and your garden and lawn might need some cleaning and maintenance for it, and if your busy schedule had been preventing you to do some lawn maintenance, now you do not have the excuse. Be productive by doing some lawn jobs you have like pruning, cleaning the pathways, removing dead woods, spread some mulch or finish planting your summer bulbs.

Work outside

Working from home? There is no problem with that, as your patio or terrace can be a perfect office for doing some paperwork or answering e-mails. You will realize how liberating it is to work while listening to the chirping of the birds, feeling the wind against your face, and feeling the warmth of the sunlight on your skin. It effectively boosts your mood positively

Setup a picnic date

Home quarantine is a perfect opportunity for family bonding, so make most out of it. Setup a picnic date with your loved ones in the morning under the sunrise or at night to watch the moon and the stars. Just think that it is a perfect time to create real interaction with people without being distracted with works or requirements at school.

While there are hints that nature and environment are healing from the toxins, it is also time for us to take a pause at life and connect more with the people around us or with ourselves.

Tips for Lead Generation

When you want to expand your company and you want to gain more profit, one of the things that you could possibly do for your company is to go online. Nowadays, potential customers are now on the internet, searching for a specific product or service that you might be offering. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible; you need to be visible online. But this is not an easy feat to do.

Thus, you need to hire a SEO firm that would help your company be visible in the internet, especially to those companies who are searching specifically for the service or product that you are offering. Apart from this, your goal is not only online traffic within your website, but also to convert this traffic to actual customers. Thus, you need to have strategies for lead generation. How could you improve lead generation? What strategies should you do in order to increase lead generation? Here are some tips:

1. Educate Audience

One thing that you could do is to educate your audience or the visitors of your website with the service or product that you are offering. In order to do this, you could make it as a blog in order to present your company without necessarily going out of trend. Through writing a blog, your potential customers will be able to learn more on the basics of your visitors. Furthermore, you could create a blog that would problematize on a specific concept and then bank on to the solution that your company has to offer. Through this, you are not only entertaining your audience but you are also educating them how the service or product of your business is a necessity. Thus, improving sales and converting more potential customers into actual customers, yielding to greater profits.

2. Call-To-Action

The next thing to do is to have an effective call to action. Most probably, the blog that you have written will not automatically convert potential customers into actual ones. This is entirely the reason why you need to offer them with that opportunity for them to be converted. Alight the content that was written in your blog and position the services or product that you are offering as the immediate next step in order for them to really be convinced that there is a need for them to avail of these products or services.

3. Better Website

Most importantly, you need to do a major makeover in your website and make it appear sleek and professional. Because your website is one of the first things that your potential customers online could see, what you need to do is to bank on to the website for it to look professional so that you could get the trust of these potential customers. Furthermore, it should be comprehensive so that customers could easily navigate it for whatever they need, whether to purchase or get the services that you are offering.

Converting potential customers to actual ones could be a great challenge but with the right lead generation, you would certainly reap what you sow.

Top 5 Contemporary Pianists You Need to Follow

If you are a music enthusiast, taking piano lessons Corpus Christi or anyone who just likes to listen to instrumental music just like I do, then this article is for you. Music is known to be therapeutic, and this is why people are using music for relaxation and sleep – especially instrumental music. This makes us praise the genius behind these compositions.

Of course, there are many classical composers and pianists that are worthy of praise including Beethoven and Mozart, but there are also contemporary pianists that will blow your mind. These pianists are known all around the world, although they are not as famous as our classical favorites. In this article, we will give you the list of some of the famous modern and contemporary pianists you need to follow.

1.Mitsuko Uchida

Mitsuko Uchida was born near Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Europe. Since she started her career in playing piano, she has become one of the successful performers, conductor, and music scholar. She has already had some exposure to the world’s best orchestras and has given several awards.

Some of the famous characteristics of Mitsuko Uchida’s genius are the texture and dynamics she puts in her music, and this was further proven when she performed her own interpretation of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 4 in G major.

2.Martha Argerich

Martha Argerich, a half Russian and Spanish, was born in Aires. She has won big piano competitions at the young age of 16. Since then, she has become one of the greatest and popular pianists in the later part of the 20th century.

One of her famous performances was her own interpretation of Beethoven’s Concerto No. 1 in C Major.

3.Pavel Zarukin

Pavel Zarukin studied and fashioned his musical genius within St. Petersburg Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is known for his flawless dynamics in his musical performances. Because of this, he became one of the well-respected pianists in the industry.

Now, he still expresses his love for music by teaching young elementary children music.

4.Isata Kanneh-Mason

At the age of 21, this young woman has already established her name even before in her junior years. She won the Walter Todds Bursary at the 2014 BBC Young Musician awards. After two years, she won the Mrs. Caluse Beddington prize at the Royal Academy of Music.

5.Lara Melda

Lara Melda, 25, is a British-Turkish pianist who won the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2010. Since then, she has performed with the National Youth Orchestra of New Zealand, the Royal Northern Sinfonia, the Borusan Philarmonic, and has performed at London’s great Wigmore Hall.

One of her famous performances was Chopin’s Second Sonata in Bristol.


While the classical favorites are still no match when it comes to their genius in music, our contemporary pianists and composers are also worthy to listen to. They are the living proof that music has not died, and still continues to develop in today’s generation of music enthusiasts.

Why your Carpet Should be Touched by Professionals Only

Most people need a carpet in their lives and a lot of people are choosing to put carpets in their homes and even more and more people are having their bedrooms fully carpeted because of a lot of reasons. No matter what age, race or religion, people are choosing carpets to make their homes more beautiful and there are also big growths in terms of the population of the shops that are selling carpets in physical stores and in online stores.

The rise in the number of carpet sellers and carpet users are rising because many people are now realizing that they have to make their home more beautiful because it is a place where they would be able to rest after a very long and tiring day. There are also many professionals such as carpet cleaning Brownsburg and many more who are offering carpet services for a lot of people who have carpets in their homes. This is very good to know that professional carpet services are now offered in the market since there are so many people that actually need the help of these professionals.

Here is the list of benefits that you could get if you hire professional carpet services companies to serve you and your carpets:


To those people who do not have time to take care of their carpets properly, professional carpet services is definitely the way to go because they can work with your time and you will be in control of when your carpet is going to be cleaned and disinfected. In this way, you need not to spare your time and efforts just to clean your carpet in your home.


If you want to have a carpet that is free from viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances such as dusts and pests or insects then you must make sure that you hire professionals since they have techniques or means and ways that they could do in order to keep your carpet clean and sanitary for everybody in the house.


If you are a person who has a carpet and you vacuum your carpet once in a while, do not be sure about that because dust and dirt could still be in your carpet since you do not know how to deep clean them and only professionals could do this since they have the right substances and tools that needs to be used to clean it properly.


If you do not want to damage the beautiful carpet that you have at home then you should call the help of professionals so that you could avoid any damage that you could do in your carpet. Just by using wrong materials, you would be able to ruin the quality of the fibers of your carpet which could be permanent and that is exactly why you should only trust professionals to take care of your carpet.

If you are going to trust someone of your carpet, it should be a professional if you do not want it to be in danger.